Kim Kardashian To Publish Weight Loss Photo Diary: Post-baby Body Bonanza

Venus Williams and Dr. Oz

“Kim has taken daily photos of herself as she slims down and theyre on her phone and printed out in her private dressing room in order of weight loss,” revealed the insider. “She also has a full size photo of a few Hollywood bikini bodies which she aspires to and is using them as a margin of how much weight she wants to lose.” With all those photos, Kim can easily compare then and now. As a result, she’s “beyond excited that shes slimming down all the time. The visual spur of her photos arranged on her wall have been a huge inspiration.” And the diet isn’t an easy one.
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Weight Loss Apps on Smartphones Ineffective Concludes Study [Global Data Point]

Image Caption

“Strategies that often were missing are ones that help Garcinia Cambogia Extract patients with adherence and motivation.” In the study “Evidence-based strategies in weight-loss mobile apps,” published online Oct. 8, Pagoto and colleagues rated 30 of the most popular mobile weight-loss apps on the market for inclusion of 20 evidence-based behavioral strategies. Most of the apps evaluated include few or no behavioral weight-loss strategies-28 out of 30 included only 25 percent of the strategies or less. Even the top two apps include only 65 percent of the 20 strategies. Behavioral weight-loss strategies that are evidence-based-meaning they have been scientifically researched and found to be effective-include stimulus willpower control, problem solving, stress reduction and relapse prevention. The 20 strategies that the study rated are those in the Centers for Disease Control’s evidence-based Diabetes Prevention Plan, designed to help participants make modest behavior changes in order to lose 5 to 7 percent of their body weight. Pagoto’s team was also interested in determining whether apps incorporate technology features to enhance behavioral strategies.
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